Creating a sophisticated blend of synth tracks, percussive sounds and disco
grooves, Vincenzo Bilotti aka Nicodemo loves to mix different genres and tempos across electronic music, He dedicated himself to discover ethnics rhythms and experimental sounds that made him get an eclectic style.
In 2015 he started to perform frequently at “Le Cannibale" events in Milan, reference point of the Milanese electronic music scene of the city.
In 2016, he starts to collaborate with Rocoe, the Body Heat label boss with whom he produces a unique party in a Chinese karaoke, in Chinatown, Milan.
In 2017 founded ‘Somewhere’ in Calabria, where hosted artists like Kerri Chandler, Mall Grab, Tornado Wallace, Session Victim, Dj Seinfeld and others friends like Nachtbraker, Paula Tape and Stump Valley.
In 2019, he creates Alzaya Records label, focused on ‘new Italo Underground Scene’, that runs with Volantis and becomes resident of Tempio del Futuro Perduto in Milan.